Your air conditioning system is serviced/re-charged for just £99 inclusive!

Most vehicles nowadays are fitted with an air conditioning or climate control system. The systems themselves are deigned to last for the lifetime of the vehicle but will require regular maintenance, just like your engine, in order to ensure they continue to work correctly and efficiently.

These are some of the reasons why you should have your air conditioning system serviced regularly!

    • Every year, around 10% of air-con gas permeates from the air-con system naturally. In our experience it normally happens more often when the system is not being used through the winter months. Therefore, with less pressure being circulated around the system you will experience a reduction in the level of cooling. Most manufacturers recommend that you service the air conditioning system every two years. Your air conditioning service is not part of routine vehicle servicing. If your car is over two years old we would advise you to check when the A/C system was last serviced.
    • If your system is not fully pressurised then it will be working much harder to produce the required cooling level and in turn this will be increasing your fuel costs.
    • Each year the air conditioning system will tend to create a build-up of harmful bacteria and other contaminants. If the system is not serviced - this could cause sore throats or possibly even, allergic reactions.

To ensure that your air conditioning system is working to its full capacity, book your car into our Service Department today and we will make sure that:

  • Your air conditioning system is working to its maximum efficiency.
  • Your pollen filter is clean and not blocking the air flow into your car
  • We will also carry out a FREE 25 point vehicle Health Check on your vehicle and report any concerns for you.

Our Air Conditioning Services start from £19.99 inc. VAT

Whilst we offer each of these three services individually, you are able to opt to have any one individually or more

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Our Freshen up and Recharge services above are shown as definite fixed prices. However our Pollen Filter Service price is calculated on your vehicle’s engine size and we will indicate the correct price in our booking tool. *On certain makes, especially prestige vehicles, we reserve the right to quote additional parts and labour prices to replace the Pollen Filter(s). In these cases we will quote you outside our Fixed Price System.

*In addition to the recharge, we check for any evidence of leaks in the system on the day and we add dye to the system in order to make leak tracing in future much easier.